Operation and advertising rates

A local and national approach

Kcity develops an economic model for the exploitation of its media from its customers, be they national, regional or local. Thus, it is possible to assume that the operation of six successive advertisers, with 8 seconds each on the site dedicated to the exploitation of the advertising terminal can revolve around three local and three permanent advertisers.

A local dealer is defined as a client located in the vicinity of the smart urban furniture and ultra urban center. He will be able to display promotions at excellent and advantageous rates, but on a schedule organized either in the morning or afternoon or night and over a one week period. Rates are variable and are fully flexible according to high, éid and low season tourist affluence.

The alert manager compares the data collected. A national or regional advertiser will see advertising rates, on the other hand, on an annual basis. Thus, we can articulate two tariff bases (listed below) and defined according to our advertisers profiles.

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