Kcity - a tool for the city

A tool for bringing information to the city

Bringing information to and allowing interactive consultation to take place in the public domain is a major challenge for cities. Existing solutions, both paper and smartphones , do not provide a satisfactory response for an open, contextual use accessible to all. Paper ads posted on hoardings provide access to information without effort or cost to the user, but do not allow customization of information, or a rapid update.Smartphones are both customizable and updated in real-time but require an investment in both hardware and packages that make them less than universal.

At Ktalyse, we are convinced that there is an intermediate model, which can offer both the effortless accessibility of a paper map, customization and real-time information such as that available on personal mobile devices.

That is why we have also designed street furniture with a 40 inch screen which offers a bunch of applications selected for the relevance of the content they provide to citizens on the move.

Our new generation communicating street furniture incorporates a unique surface dedicated to tourists and passers-by and a rear face dedicated to advertising. A new interface is integrated into the furniture with the use of a screen running on gesture-recognition rather than touch highlights the area and all its activities.

This furniture is designed to resist harsh weather conditions and can adapt to both urban areas or to mountain or sea resorts. In exchange for the provision of a unique system for promoting the territory thus providing income for local government, our software is organized around a directory to operate an intelligent and dynamic 3-dimensional map. In addition to this technology, our tool allows us to easily highlight different aspects and local economic actors and their promotions.

In return, municipalities will leave exploitation of the advertising side of the terminal to KCity to exploit in order to permit the operation of a dedicated advertising tools. Operating contracts normally run for a period of180 to 240 months. Our technical solutions respond to the needs of tourist offices and other services such as culture, communication and the exploitation of ongoing activities and manifestations in the city.

Our approach to the city

  • - Bridge between the RSS website tourist office and the terminal, with instant updates
  • - Insert HTML content of the website of the Tourist Office in the menu
  • - Visual guidance and help for disabled persons
  • - Possibility to plan information insertion in advance for publishing at a later programmed date
  • - Intuitive Searching : names / categories / promotions / events / services / geography
  • - 2D or 3D General Plan ( real images using Google Maps / Earth - type option ) with clickable cells and image zoom
  • - Insertion of advertising partners and screened bottom or top banners, screen off and pop -up when selecting the partner
    Recording client management for online games or events management or questionnaires sent to the tourist office by email via the storage server
  • - Statistical data returned via email or web services : research / number of connections / type of categories viewed, etc...
  • - Touchscreen and motion sensor combined with a language motor that is specially designed to display relevant results from the first input letter until a multi-word input
  • - Hands-on menu allowing access to the complete contents of the menu
  • - Possibility to book accommodation or other services directly from the terminal and receive the coupon / voucher on one’s phone via Bluetooth or QR Code
  • - Ability to move through menus and enlarge photos (JPEG format) and real photos through 360°
  • - Contact the Tourist Office with opening hours usinf a multilingual interface.
  • - Free access to plans for tourist visits and other useful information
  • - Recovery of promotions and discount coupons via smartphone
  • - Recovery of trip details by image or text message
  • - Use of data received from the Tourist Office, such as PDF tours (hiking, fountains, historic sites)
  • - Geolocatise Hotels , Restaurants , Residences, Establishments (tourist office, Town Hall , Station) with photos integrated into the pop-up setting for each file
  • - Once geolocalised receive the details by Smartphone for the route to reach the destination (via Bluetooth or QR Code)
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