Viewer gender detection

Custom viewing by gender

Kcity offers a unique detection system by gender : the screen is able to detect the presence of a man or a woman in front of the terminal and can change the advertisement to one more suitable for the viewer. It is thus possible to display an alternative advertisement for a female (or male) audience, and go to the men's version instantly .

Alternative targeted ads

For a client, our system of campaign management allows us to have two ads on hold and a third streaming . Thus, through our unique system of gender recognition, the campaign is specifically dedicated to men , women, or more generally to any individual, is automatically selected and its dissemination modified after gender recognition.


Very shortly, in addition to the recognition of gender, our smart urban furniture will be able to detect the age of people in the vicinity (with accuracy up to +/- 2 years), as well as detect their mood. So, again, we will be able to go further in our range of possible offers, selection and broadcast media in urban areas.

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