The Ktalyse guarantee

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A unique system providing a guaranteed display for 99% of the time with less than 1% downtime. Our monitoring system (alert management and visualization of the terminal park), hosted on our dedicated servers, has been designed to ensure a continuous display of all our customers on our LCD dedicated screens comprising a background server, Alert Manager, and a data analysis manager.

Server monitoring

This server is a comprehensive monitoring tool that performs real-time complete hardware and software analysis application by SMNP (ventilation system, HDD temperature, state of the memory systems ... ). This information is stored in a dedicated database.

Alert Manager

This alert manager compares the data collected by the monitoring server and automatically triggers an alert at the slightest malfunction. The alerts are sent by email or text message with all the information required to the people in charge of customer service by email or SMS with all the information needed to trigger an intervention (remote or onsite) .

Analysis Manager

Web Supervision over the whole terminal park. This tool also allows us to analyze performance and failure rates based on precise statistical equipment.

Analysis specifications

- Measurement of performance in terms of response time, for example
- Measurement of availability, independent of performance
- Measurement of integrity, process status
- Supervision areas
- Physical state of the machines, temperature, disks (S.M.A.R.T)
- The machine load: number of users, queries, CPU, network throughput ...
- Application availability: presence of process and response time for example
- Supervision of host resources (processor load, disk usage , etc...).
- Messages entered in system logs (Event Viewer ) for an application or system component
- The performance of network throughput, latency, error rate , QoS ...
- The nature of network protocols and their relative rates : UDP , TCP, ICMP , ditto for layer 4 .
- Attacks on the Firewall
- The protocol responses (partial registration simulation)
- Changes, according to contacts showing the appearance or disappearance) of problems as monitored that may indicate an anomally
- Distinction between hosts down and those no longer available
- Notifications to the contacts of the appearance or disappearance of problems on hosts or services (via email, pager, or user-defined methods)
- Ability to define events that are automatically launched concerning hosts or services, allowing preventive troubleshooting
- Support for redundant monitoring

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