A screen for the city

A screen 910mm x 530mm

A full colour and large format screen dedicated to the city to give the highest performance. Multiple static displays, video information such as a map of the city or current events literally come to life. In contrast to a paper poster, sending and editing an ad requires only a click carried out at a distance. Kcity offers a unique immediately flexible and up-to-the minute outdoor advertising platform to serve the city and its inhabitants.

Full HD 1080p colour resolution

A stunning picture quality , vivid colors and very detailed picture display quality make Kcity screen advertising a superb way of transmitting advertisers images and products.

Optimized for playback even in full sunlight

The brightness of the Kcity screen means it can be viewed even in bright sunlight. The technical haracteristics are of a luminescence of respectively 2500 cd / m² (65’’) and 2000CD / m² (40’’). Kcity is able to offer its customers a display technology providing a very bright display ideal for use in any outdoor environment.

A display with an anti-glare film

In addition to having a bright display for easy viewing in outdoor environments, the Kcity screen has an anti glare film to avoid annoying glare phenomenon .

Variation detection and automatic brightness

The system provides optimum brightness of the display for proper viewing at all times. The light sensor can detect and automatically compensate for changes in ambient light throughout the day and is in conformity with directives concerning displays of street furniture and resonance in the public domain.

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