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Communities are still questioning the role of digital technology in the city, its implications and potential uses , in terms of accessibility and visibility for all.
We believe that street furniture, an essential service offered by the city, is certainly the basis on which media can be built to host innovative services using intelligent digital technology.
We have therefore created the first piece of Smart Urban Furniture.
This can be accessed by any user, and is particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility or with sensory handicaps.

Facilitating communications is our priority

A new generation display serving the city

Our company specialises in interactive publicity. Our smart street furniture Ktalyse MUIK provides optimal configuration for broadcasting ads, infomercials and direct information using a large HD format, with a high degree of interactivity for locals and tourists alike.

  • A specialist company
  • A dedicated development team
  • Integrated design
  • Important user experience
  • Urban furniture for all cities
  • Just one of the advantages of using smart Information Technology and Communications is the ability to give everyone a forum , a space for freedom of expression.

    André Santini

Our team

Dedicated to your needs

Daniel Saracino

General Director

After studying at the Faculty of Law at Lille, completed a master's degree and a postgraduate degree in private law, before working in the real estate business. He then turned to international trade in Europe and North Africa and has developed an extensive relational network enabling him to act effectively in the international development of Ktalyse.

Hervé Harounian

Commercial Director

Graduated with a master s-ESC Chambéry,and holds a Ph.D. in Financial Markets and Intermediation - PhD Bocconi School of Management Milan, Hervé Harounian started his first experiences in Asia with the Benetton Group.
He has made digital communication the main thrust of his Marseilles business.
Anxious to develop his company on a national and international level, he and his company are devoted to using the best possible resources for developing projects to meet the needs of municipalities, advertisers and end-users.

Jean Bodoukian

Financial Director

International financial trader and investment banker.
With his experience in finance and as a banker with 30 years experience in the world of high finance, Jean Bodoukian is responsible for the financial strategy of the Ktalyse group and its international development.

christophe Maillan

Head of software development

After 2 years in England in the world of IT, he returnede to Marseilles and created Benjisoft, an SSII software which quickly became OpenSource oriented and more specifically used on the web, after 2009 he turned to Inbound Marketing in parallel with SSII and introduced as Artistic and Communications Director Patrick Zoccola aided by Jerome Dumas, the group then renamed itself Sept Lieux in 2012 and is going strong.

Thomas Panzolato

Chef de projet

Graduate of a DSAA in Creative Industrial Design and a masters in engineering Sciences, Thomas Panzolato designs and develops projects for Ktalyse. Winner of an Observer Star of Design in 2013 and with a strong analytical capability, he aims to develop viable projects both esthetically and ergonomically. His passion for digital technology allows him to juggle between the industrial world and IT to achieve complex connected objects such as the KCity terminal.

Our product

If you are a city or an advertiser (public or private), discover all details about our MUIK solution.

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Project Code Name MIUK

  • Carry information (commercial, institutional, administrative, informational) onto the public domaine. Facilitate access to its data to everybody (valid,disabled or handicapped people) remains the objective of the new smart urban furniture being developed by our teams, under code name Muik.

  • Seek to create a new aesthetic object that fits perfectly into the environment of our cities, such was the mission of our integrated designer Thomas Panzolato – the results are visible in the finalization of our corporate projects.

  • Backed by an industrial consortium that allows us to combine our respective talents, SPTMI ( Phocéenne Society Maritime and Industrial Works ) have offered us their expertise, experience and expertise both in terms of designing the implementation and commissioning of devices and mechanical assemblies, through to the completion of our project.

  • Our native business solutions allow us total control of our information systems. These extend from the accounting and financial part through marketing management, while supporting the business and policy aspects of our solutions. This is not the only tool for our internal expertise that we have reached a final solution but through the consortium established with the Aix software development company named SeptLieux.

  • At a time when economic actors in the process of growth and the pursuit of success are applying for public assistance in order to achieve their goals, Ktalyse counts on the support of the Coface and BPI France as part of its international deployment and objectives of settlements and development in many countries abroad.

In all situations

  • Unbreakable screens
  • Protective films
  • Heat lacquered
  • Dust Filters
  • Corrosion protection
  • Dehumidification protection
  • Dust filters
  • Internal salinity controls
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Self-regulating heating
  • Rain guttering
  • Anti–fogging
Hot dry climates
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Dust filters
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Thermal insulation (level 5)

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